About Me ~ Theo. Richter


I have been creating beautiful gardens in the Fort Myers area since 1988. Everything from lush plantings to magical waterfalls and lily ponds. I have done brick patios and stone paths, ornate formal gardens and naturalistic  landscapes. I am experienced with a wide range of garden styles and materials. I pride myself most on being an intuitive gardener. I listen carefully and work hard at fitting the garden to place as well as the people. If you can dream it, I can create it!

Great gardens require time and patience. It is a process that involves many steps and we bring exceptional expertise to all aspects of the gardeners art.

Theo. Richter

About This Site ~ AGardenersArt.com

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Being a gardener isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. So it is my goal that this site serve a dual purpose. Of course I wish to promote my business which as coincidence would have it, is also named A Gardener’s Art.  But I also want to create a resource for Florida gardeners. A place which highlights the artistic aspects of gardening. A place for creative gardeners to gather. The site will be broken into different sections, The Business End will highlight all things related to the professional end of my gardening while The Garden Side will be dedicated strictly to sharing knowledge amongst us Florida gardeners.
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