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Being a gardener isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. So it is my goal that this site serve a dual purpose. Of course I wish to promote my business which as coincidence would have it, is also named A Gardener’s Art.  But I also want to create a resource for Florida gardeners. A place which highlights the artistic aspects of gardening. A place for creative gardeners to gather. The site will be broken into different sections, The Business End will highlight all things related to the professional end of my gardening while The Garden Side will be dedicated strictly to sharing knowledge amongst us Florida gardeners.

As gardeners, we share a love of plants, sunshine, and working with the earth. As Florida gardeners, we share the joy of gardening in a place where the season is long and the plant life abundant. The Garden Side is wholly dedicated to the challenges we face and the rewards we reap. Gardening is a diverse endeavor. It is, in every sense of the word, an artistic endeavor. At A Gardener’s Art, we celebrate the creative aspects of gardening, the spiritual side and the physical challenges of practicing the gardener’s art. All gardeners share a bond. With each other, with the plants we love, with the spaces we create. All gardeners will find a welcome approach to gardening here. All gardeners will be able to share their experiences and creativity here. But Florida gardeners will be able to find the specific focus to our needs that is very often difficult to come by. We share a paradise and now we share a wonderful gardening community.

As gardeners we know the garden is never done. We start it, add to it, care for it, maybe even start it over again. But it will never be done. As with the garden, this site will always be growing. I have a lot of features I would like to include and will be adding new things on a regular basis. I hope to share lots of garden info in many different forms. As time goes by hopefully the site will grow and other gardeners will contribute. Sharing your questions, answers and comments will enrich this site and create a garden community dedicated to helping people understand the challenges of Florida gardening. I hope to see many others who share my love of gardening and wish to explore the creative side that is often over-looked, the art of gardening!


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