The Art of Composting



Composting is nothing more than another word for decomposition. In real terms it may be more accurate to say “assisted” decomposition. For in the natural world, all things decompose without any help from man. A tree that dies in the forest will eventually turn to compost, it may take decades, maybe even centuries. But eventually, everything turns into worm food.

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A Gardener’s Art ~ Our Approach is Different

approachWhile a bad haircut will grow out with no harm done, a bad pruning job can permanently damage a plant. Many people equate landscape care solely with cleaning up. While a neater, tidy appearance is certainly part of the goal, the overall health and vigor of the garden depends on proper pruning practices. Our approach to caring for your garden incorporates skill, knowledge and enough creativity to turn ugly ducklings into swans. Continue reading

Top 5 Florida Gardening Mistakes

florida_gardening_ mistakesWhen someone says transplant here in Florida, we are probably more likely to think of people who have moved to Florida from another location than we are something garden related. As most of us know, and as many will find out, gardening in Florida is very different from anywhere else. I’m certain gardeners everywhere make mistakes, but no matter how experienced a gardener you may be, gardening in Florida is bound to throw you many curves.

Here are the Top 5 Florida gardening mistakes that should be avoided.


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